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Daily Living Information

Liberians are generally warm people with a rich culture. Liberia's artistic traditions – especially carved masks, dance and storytelling – is strong, but this is especially true in the country's interior. The country's capital, Monrovia, generally reflects a more Western culture.

Traditional Cuisine

Although restaurants serving various cuisines from around the world can be found in Monrovia, traditional Liberian dishes are, of course, more readily available:

Government Working Hours




Voltage in Liberia varies by location. Some establishments use 110-120 while others use 210-220. Additionally, in some locations outlets accept flat pins while others take round pins. We recommend you bring a voltage converter and universal adapter. Liberia's energy utility provides extremely limited electricity. Most businesses and hotels use private generators.


Liberia currently does not have a highly networked public transportation system. Therefore, getting around Liberia will likely require the use of a rented vehicle. Taxis and private cars are available for hire.


Several cell phone companies, such as Lone Star, Cellcom, Comium, and Liber Cell, provide service in Liberia. International cellular phones do not always work in Liberia. It is therefore advisable to rent or purchase a local cellular phone, sim card and scratch cards upon arrival.

Financial Services

Liberia is a dual currency economy. Both United States Dollars (USD) and Liberian Dollars (commonly referred to as LD) are accepted. USD is accepted at most shops and restaurants.

ECOBANK is currently one of the only institutions with ATM machines. There is an ECOBANK ATM at the RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas and Royal Hotel in Monrovia. However, these ATMS accept VISA debit cards only. While Western Union and Money Gram are available, it is strongly recommended that one brings sufficient cash to support their expenses while in country.

Please note that traveler's checks are not accepted in Liberia.

Medical Services

The largest hospital is the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Center in Monrovia. There are smaller other hospitals and clinics throughout Liberia, such as the Firestone Hospital in Harbel and the newly constructed Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita.

For additional information on the medical services available in Liberia, please contact the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through their website: www.moh.gov.lr.

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