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The Chairman

Hon. Michael S. Wotorson
National Investment Commission, Republic of Liberia

Mr. Wotorson serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Investment Commission. As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Wotorson is responsible for guiding the overall management and the vision of the NIC consistent with the development goals of the Republic of Liberia.

Prior to being appointed to the NIC by the President of Liberia, H. E. Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Mr. Wotorson served as an Executive Consultant/Technical Advisor for Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OICI) in Liberia. At OICI, Mr. Wotorson was responsible for overseeing and directing the promotions, communications, and outreach functions for OICI's work on a USAID funded initiative known as Investing for Business Expansion (IBEX). The IBEX project was designed to strategically connect small and medium sized Liberian businesses from the agricultural and renewable energy sectors to credit financing opportunities with local lending institutions. Mr. Wotorson also directed OIC's initial risk and profitability assessment of Liberian businesses seeking IBEX support prior to onward submission of those applicants to the International Executive Service Corps for final decisions.

Between 2002 and 2013, Mr. Wotorson maintained a strategic communications and management consulting firm known as Resource, Policy and Strategy Solutions International (RPSI). Mr. Wotorson began his work in strategic communications and management consulting as a Senior Manager with a communications consulting firm in Washington, DC. During his tenure, Mr. Wotorson was the principal consultant assigned to the United States Internal Revenue Service on a project designed to re-frame and re-design Penalty and Interest statements that get mailed out to the American public each year. Specifically, Mr. Wotorson was tasked with leading a team of IRS executive level staffers through a comprehensive usability analysis and a consequent document re-design process for federal tax Penalty and Interest communications.

Prior to launching RPSI in Liberia, Mr. Wotorson was Executive Director of the Bill & Melina Gates Foundation funded "Campaign for High School Equity" (CHSE), a United States based civil rights and advocacy organization focused on working with members of the United States Congress to develop strategic rights-based approaches to improving education legislation. While serving as executive director, Mr. Wotorson authored several publications including a white paper requested by the transition team of US President Barack Obama, on education policy recommendations for the first term. Mr. Wotorson was also a frequently called upon voice to testify before the United States Congress on matters relating to education policy. Mr. Wotorson currently sits on the Board of Directors of the AME University in Monrovia.

Wotorson holds degrees in Political Science with an emphasis on Comparative Political and Economic systems in transitioning nations. Mr. Wotorson has been married for nineteen years to a fellow Liberian. The couple has four children.

"Mr. Wotorson can be reached at mwotorson@nic.gov.lr"

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